31st Congress of IUSTI-Europe on Sexually Transmitted Infections

31 August – 2 September | Helsinki, Finland 2017


31 August - 2 September 2017


Helsinki, Finland

Thank you for taking part!

We experienced a couple of good and fruitful days in the 31st Congress of IUSTI -Europe on Sexually Transmitted Infections held in Helsinki, Finland on 31 August – 2 September 2017.

We had the chance to enjoy the excellent talks from 40 invited speakers and besides that we had over 70 scientific abstracts that were presented in oral or poster sessions. For the successful congress you also need a relaxing social program and time to meet colleagues. After Opening Ceremony with Sibelius`s Finlandia, Helsinki City hosted a welcoming reception in the City Hall and the congress was closed at a dinner on an island with an amazing sunset.

Organizers would like to thank all the delegates for coming to Helsinki, sponsors and exhibitors for their valuable support, and Marina Congress Center for the good food and service.

See you next year in Dublin!



Eija Hiltunen-Back, Congress Chair

31st Congress of IUSTI-Europe on Sexually Transmitted Infections

31 August – 2 September | Helsinki, Finland 2017


Sculpture: ‘Bad-bad boy’ by Tommi Toija

Program and Abstracts /

Confirmed speakers include

Manuel Battegay
‘HIV: A decade after the Swiss Statement – TasP and PrEP’

Catriona Bradshaw

David A. Lewis
What is an STI?’

Jorma Paavonen
HPV: what is new?’

Heikki Peltola
‘Reflections of Infectious Diseases in Music’

John White
‘Gonorrhea: update 2017’

Alexandre Wenger
‘The prophylaxis of syphilis: history, arts, cinema’

Charlotte A. Gaydos
‘Point of care tests: clinical use in 2017’

Tarja Halonen
‘Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
– An Eternal Challenge?’

Satellite symposium speakers include

Jørgen Jensen:
Mycoplasma genitalium – the first incurable bacterial STI?

David Whiley:
Enhancing AMR surveillance and treatment of gonorrhoeaby molecular methods

The congress will start on Thursday 31 August at 16:30 with the Opening Ceremony and Welcome Reception.The the program schedule you will find here.

What you may have missed in the program

For the Finnish doctors: Helsingin yliopiston lääketieteellinen tiedekunta on hyväksynyt “31st IUSTI-Europe Congress on STIs” teoreettiseksi kurssimuotoiseksi koulutukseksi (13 t) (HY17/137) seuraaville erikoisaloille: Ihotaudit ja allergologia, Infektiosairaudet, Kliininen mikrobiologia, Naistentaudit ja synnytykset, Urologia.

The 31st IUSTI-Europe Congress on STIs, Helsinki, Finland, 31/08/2017-02/09/2017 has been accredited by the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME®) with 13 European CME credits (ECMEC®s). Each medical specialist should claim only those hours of credit
that he/she actually spent in the educational activity.


Opening ceremonies

16:30-19:00, Opening ceremonies Chairs: Eija Hiltunen-Back  & Stephan Lautenschlager

Case reports

08:30-10:30 Case reports (10 minutes each) Chairs: Jackie Sherrard, Cândida Fernandes, Marti Vall Mayans
  • Susanne Buder: Isolated gonococcal tendovaginitis of the forearm as clinical presentation of disseminated gonococcal infection
  • David Garcia-Hernandez: Intestinal spirochetosis, a sexually transmissible infection? Review of six cases from two sexually transmitted infections centres in Barcelona
  • Anna Rammlmair: Maculopapular rash under TNF-alpha blocker therapy
  • Brigitta Mezõ: Syphilis infection in siblings
  • Christian Greis: Tinea genitalis: A new entity of sexually transmitted infection?
  • Giang Huong Nguyen: Nympho-hymenal tear: a distinctive entity?
  • Claude Luder: Syphilis
  • Natasha Tsekova Traykovicj: Morbus Bowen and Bowenoid papulosis in renal transplant patient.
  • Marijana Vicic: Lymphogranuloma venereum infection in a young sailor?
  • Satu Kurkela: Finnish woman wit


11:00-12:30 Chairs:  Eija Hiltunen-Back & Airi Pöder
  • Catriona Bradshaw: Mycoplasma genitalium – Management in the time of multi-drug resistance
  • John White: Gonorrea: update 2017
  • Charlotte Gaydos: Point of care tests: clinical use in 2017

Troubleshooting in anogenital dermatology: expert opinion

13:30-15:45 Troubleshooting in anogenital dermatology: expert opinion Chairs: Willem van der Meijden, Mihael Skerlev
  • Fiona Lewis; Several managerial aspects of lichen sclerosus and lichen planus
  • Jorma Paavonen; Diagnosis and management of VIN
  • Fabian Ziller; Diagnosis and management of penile premalignant skin conditions
Meet experts; difficult cases:
  • Pedro Andrade; Systemic interpheron alpha-2a in the treatment of refractory condylomata acuminata in an immunocompetent patient
  • Azra Khatun (S. Sundaram); Successful treatment of high grade Vulval Intra-epithelial Neoplasia (VIN) with imiquimod 5% in a renal transplant patient
  • Josep Riera-Monroig (M. Alsina Gibert); Dermatology meets venereology: rapidly growing ulcers in the genital area
  • Karen Berzins; Vulvar dermatitis/candidiasis/provoked
  • Ismael Maatouk (M. Battistella, S. Fouéré) ; Penile lymphangioma secondary to sclerosing lymphangitis/Mondor’s disease in an HIV-positive patient

E-sexual health: how can apps and technology help you?

16:15-17:45 E-sexual health: how can apps and technology help you? Chairs: Andrew Winter, Henry de Vries
  • Teymur Noori: ‘STI prevention in Europe – social media, apps and new technology’
  • Anatole Mehnon-Johnson: Using digital tools to solve clinical problems
  • Jo Gibbs : STI information apps - challenges and potential
  • Sebastian Fuller: User perspectives on novel tests for STIs and antimicrobial resistance

What’s hot in HIV?

09:00-10:30 What's hot in HIV? Chairs: Deniz Gökengin, Mike Youle, Annamari Ranki
  • Mike Youle: The art of antiretroviral treatment
  • Christina Mussini: Late presentation: Is it still a burning issue?
  • Deniz Gökengin: HIV care in Central and Eastern Europe: how far are we from the target?
  • Michelle Hanlon: PREP -Real life experience from Norway

The European STI guidelines – what you need to know

13:30-15:00 The European STI guidelines – what you need to know Chairs: Keith Radcliff, Michel Janier Keith Radcliffe: Introduction
  • Raj Patel: Genital herpes
  • Michel Janier: Syphilis
  • Magnus Unemo: Gonorrhoea
  • Harald Moi: NGU
  • Andy Winter: Hepatitis B and C

Satellite Symposium by Cepheid

15:00-16:00 Satellite Symposium by Cepheid: The time is here - Improving Public Health by Reducing Time to Therapy and Broadening Access to STD Screening Moderator:  Marco Cusini
  • Norbert H. Brockmeyer: Walk in Ruhr: Test and Treat
  • Béatrice Berçot; Sharing experiences from a French community based STI centre

Genital pain syndromes- clinical challenge

Chair: Jorma Paavonen
  • Josef Beatrice: Male aspects and classification
  • Päivi Tommola: Vulvodynia; etiopathogenesis and pain mechanisms
  • Gilbert Donders: Conservative management of vulvar pain syndrome
  • Jorma Paavonen: Surgical management by vestibulectomy

Practical STI Diagnosis: which micro-organisms, how and when?

09.00-10:30 Practical STI Diagnosis: which microorganisms, how and when? Chairs: Angelika Stary, Marco Cusini, Viktoria Varkony
  • Marco Cusini: Recurrent ulcers in the genital tract
  • Viktoria Varkony: Syphilis: primary, secondary, tertiary: the recommended tests
  • Charlotte Gaydos: Which pathogens should be looked for in NGU
 Panel discussion on STI Diagnosis: Questions to be answered and Problems to be discussed

Satellite symposium by Abbvie

13:30-14:15 Satellite symposium by Abbvie: Hidradenitis Suppurativa – what do I need to know about this hidden disease?
  • Caitriona Ryan

Changing infections

14:15-15:45 Chairs: Stephan Lautenschlager & David A. Lewis
  • David A. Lewis: The re-emergence of H. ducreyi in dermato-venereology
  • Peter Itin: Syphilis: covert presentations.
  • Catriona Bradshaw: Microbial changes and factors associated with the development of BV.
  • Kees Rietmeijer: Changing world of STI-care

Free papers

16:15-17:45, Free papers (10 minutes each) Chairs: Claudia Heller-Vitouch, Mikhail Gomberg
  • Anja Rajul Patel: A service evaluation of a queue management system to limit patient waiting times in a same day sexual health service
  • Karoline Aebi-Popp: Rationale for prioritizing STI screening among asymptomatic female sex workers in Switzerland
  • Rami Al Rifai: Global epidemiology of Chlamydia trachomatis among infertile populations: a systematic review and meta-analysis
  • ChristinaAllibardi: Evaluation of a new home-based self-vaginal collection kit to detect chlamydia trachomatis and Neisseria gonorrhoeae
  • Dominic Rowley: Home Sexual Health Screening - A Glance at our First Nine Months
  • Rebecca Cannon: A comparison of observed counselling of the patient with HSV-2 and that which is reported by clinicians
  • Hannelore Götz: Patient initiated partner therapy for chlamydia: attitude of physicians and nurses in sexual health centres in The Netherlands
  • Chris Kenyon: The global patterning of stis over the past century suggests that differential network connectivity played an important role
  • Nicolas Pinto-Sander:  Acute hepatitis C in HIV negative men who have sex with men (MSM) who do not report injecting drug use

HPV – clinical challenges today

9:00:10.30 HPV - clinical challenges today Chairs: Arne Wickström, Petra Tunbäck, Stina Syrjänen
  • Stina Syrjänen: Oral manifestations of HPV infection
  • Petra Tunbäck: HPV in children
  • Anne Olsen: Anal HPV infection
  • Arne Wickström: Treatment of genital warts


11:00-12:30 Keynotes Chairs: Stephan Lautenschlager & Derek Freedman
  • David A. Lewis: What is an STI?
  • Manuel Battegay: HIV: A decade after the Swiss Statement – TasP and PrEP
  • Jorma Paavonen: HPV: what’s new

Satellite symposium by SpeeDx

  • Jørgen Jensen:Mycoplasma genitalium – the first incurable bacterial STI?
  • David Whiley:Towards individualised treatment of gonorrhoea
  • Barry Vipond : Syphilis, Herpes & VZV – a PlexPCR clinical evaluation

Anorectal sex and its role in STI transmission

14:00-15:30 Anorectal sex and its role in STI transmission Chairs: Henry de Vries, Raj Patel, John White
  • Raj Patel: Herpetic and gonorrhoeal proctitis
  • Henry de Vries: Chlamydial proctitis including lymphogranuloma venereum
  • John White: Syphilitic proctitis and rectal HIV transmission

Herpes infections

15:45-17:15 Herpes infections
  • Raj Patel: Genital herpes - Update 2017
  • Debate:  Herpes: Kiss and tell…or not? For: Peter Greenhouse, Against: Colm O’Mahony

ECDC-symposium: STI threats in Europe

9:00-10:30 ECDC symposium: STIs in Europe: new trends and old foes Chairs:  Otilia Mårdh, Keith Radcliffe
  • Gianfranco Spiteri: Trends of bacterial sexually transmitted infections in Europe
  • Magnus Unemo: Recent trends in gonococcal resistance
  • Julien Beauté: Travel-associated gonorrhoea in four Nordic countries
  • Patricia Ndumbi: Hepatitis A outbreak affecting men who have sex with men (MSM) in Europe

Free papers

14:00-15:30 Free papers (10 minutes each) Chairs: Mirja Puolakkainen, Károly Nagy
  • Rachel Pitt: Detection of mutations associated with macrolide resistance in Mycoplasma genitalium from clinical specimens
  • Marianna Martinelli: Detection and quantitation of human papillomavirus DNA in plasma samples of women with cervical dysplasia
  • Elisa Mokany: Detection of genital lesion producing pathogens using plexpcr multiplex assay
  • Karoly Nagy: HIV entry inhibition by thiolated nucleotides
  • Mateu Espasa: New program for rapid detection and early treatment of sexually transmitted infections in asymptomatic population with sexual risk behaviors in Barcelona
  • Michael Perry: Evaluation of the SPEEDX plexpcrïƒä HSV-1&2/VZV/syphilis assay using three hundred clinical samples in a diagnostic laboratory
  • David Whiley: Use of molecular methods to enhance Neisseria gonorrhoeae antimicrobial resistance surveillance
  • John White: Understanding attitudes to the diagnosis of Mycoplasma genitalium infection: a modified delphi approach to obtain a United Kingdom (UK) perspective
  • Sabine Pereyre: Prospective clinical evaluation of the Aptima Mycoplasma genitalium assay (ce-ivd) in France

Microscopic diagnosis of genital infections

15:45-17:15 Microscopic diagnosis of genital infections
  • Gilbert Donders: Essentials of native vaginal microscopy
  • Harald Moi: Direct examination of male and female urethritis

Iusti Advanced Course /

IUSTI Advanced Course

The course is fully booked and we cannot accept new registrations.

We are pleased to invite you to participate in the IUSTI Advanced Course on Sexually Transmitted Infections 2017: Test and Treat which will be held in conjunction with the IUSTI Europe Conference as a pre-meeting from August 30 to August 31, 2017.

The course will be held at Scandic Grand Marina hotel, address Katajanokanlaituri 7, 00160 Helsinki.

The course is particularly aimed at young clinicians and Health Care Providers (HCPs) developing an interest in sexually transmitted infections, but all are invited. Well known European and local Finnish experts will present an update on diagnostic technologies and summarize the most recent treatment recommendations. Please find the course program.

The fee for 2 day course is €250 which will cover all course materials, refreshments and lunch. There is a €50 discount for delegates also attending the conference. This will be applied at the time of registration.

Registration and accommodation booking, please use this link to register.


We are delighted to announce that IUSTI Europe will support attendance at the course with five scholarships to help cover registration fees, travel and accommodation. The total amount of each scholarship will be €700.

To be eligible for a scholarship you must be:

  • a full member of IUSTI
  • younger than 35 years
  • A Health Care Provider (HCP)

Applications, in the form of a short (2 pages or less) curriculum vitae should be sent to:  iustieuropesecretary@gmail.com  by 30th June 2017

Social program /

All congress delegates are welcome to join the Reception at the City Hall by the city of Helsinki on Thursday 31 August. Reception is included in the registration fee.

Networking Evening will take place on Saturday 2 September at NJK,  the villa-type restaurant located on the small island of Valkosaari and built in 1900. It is one of the best locations for festivities during the summer season. The tall, spacious Middle room is surrounded by a bright covered veranda with large windows and a great view.
Networking Evening fee is  €100.

Please sign-up for the events when you register for the congress.

In August-September Helsinki is full of events.  Helsinki Festival offers a lot to see and hear on the ‘free evening’ as  also the centennial celebrations.

Restaurant NJK, the villa-type restaurant, located on the small island of Valkosaari is the site for the Networking Evening.

Registration and accommodation /


Registration is closed for IUSTI 2017; see you next year in Dublin.

Registration fees in EUR

Until 31 May

1 June  -21 August

22 August –





IUSTI member




Nurse/ Trainee (under 30)




IUSTI Advanced course & congress




IUSTI Advanced course only




Accompanying persons’ fee 200 EUR includes the receptions and the closing dinner.

The congress registration fees include the congress program and materials, lunch and coffee on Friday-Saturday, reception on Thursday.

IUSTI-members, please prepare to prove your membership!

Payment method

The payment should be done by a credit card (visa, mastercard) at the time of registration. In Finland it is also possible to make a bank transfer (verkkolasku).  Registrations without a valid payment are not accepted.


Hotel Scandic Grand Marina

This is the official congress hotel and situated opposite to Marina Congress Center.

€ 162 /starndard single room/ night
€ 182 /standard double room/ night

These fees include VAT and breakfast.

Accommodation at this hotel can be booked only along congress registration. A minimum of one night’s deposit will be charged to guarantee the reservation.

Address: Katajanokanlaituri 7, Helsinki
Tel. +358 (0)9 16 661

Hotel Katajanokka

Hotel Katajanokka is a lifestyle hotel, renovated into the historic premises of former Helsinki county prison.  It is situated within 5 minutes walk from Marina Congress Center.

€  129/standard single room/night.
Fee includes VAT and breakfast.

Reservation should be made directly to the hotel and no later than 30 July. After that the hotel will release the allotment and the special rate will not be valid after 30 July.

Tel.                      +358 (0)9 686 450
E-mail                 reception@hotelkatajanokka.fi

Credit card details (number and expiry date) are required for guarantee.

Reservations  should be made latest on 30.7.2017. After that the hotel will release the allotment and the special rate. Reservation code is ‘IUSTI’.

Organisers also recommend hotel Lilla Roberts, newly renovated in a former police station.

More information and reservations please see:  https://www.lillaroberts.com/en/

Please see also these options:

Exhibition & sponsoring /

We warmly welcome you to participate in the exhibition or co-operate in other ways.
We believe that our co-operation will stimulate and grow the interest in the field of treatment of sexually transmitted infections.

The exhibition will be held on 31 August -2 September. Lunch and coffee will be served in the exhibition area.

We have reserved slots for satellite / industry symposia in the congress program.

For more information please download the brochure and forms below.

Following companies have agreed to co-operate with the congress:



Exhibition Prospectus
Application form
Floor plan

News /

For the Finnish doctors: Helsingin yliopiston lääketieteellinen tiedekunta on hyväksynyt “31st IUSTI-Europe Congress on STIs” teoreettiseksi kurssimuotoiseksi koulutukseksi (13 t) (HY17/137) seuraaville erikoisaloille: Ihotaudit ja allergologia, Infektiosairaudet, Kliininen mikrobiologia, Naistentaudit ja synnytykset, Urologia.

If you wish to explore Helsinki by bike there is a super good option to hire a city bike. only for the price of 5€ per day. See the web site for more information.

Helsinki offers also a lot of culture during the IUSTI congress evenings. Do check the Helsinki Festival program: http://www.helsinginjuhlaviikot.fi/en/programme/

Midnight Sun in Finland

(photo Maria Fremer)


More information of the practical arrangements please contact:




Organisers /

The congress is organised by the Finnish Society against STIs together with the European branch of the International Union against STIs.

Organising Committee
Eija Hiltunen-Back (Committee Chair)

Merja Lehmusto
Jorma Paavonen
Mirja Puolakkainen
Annamari Ranki
Jukka Suni

Aira Raudasoja (Committee Secretary)

IUSTI Europe Officers
Regional Director: Dr. Airi Poder (Estonia)
Chair: Dr. Claudia Heller-Vitouch (Austria)
Treasurer: Prof. Mihael Gomberg (Russia)
General Secretary: Dr. Jackie Sherrard (UK)
Editor in Chief Guidelines:Dr Keith Radcliffe (UK)
International development: Prof. Mihael Skerlev (Croatia)
Scientific policy:Prof. Derek Freedman (Ireland)

LOC membes Merja, Eija, Jukka and Annamari.
Stephan Lautenschlager, Scientifc Committee Chair

International Scientific Committee
Stephan Lautenschlager (Committee Chair)

Marco Cusini   (Italy)
Henry de Vries (Netherlands)
Gilbert Donders (Belgium)
Candida Fernandes (Portugal)
Derek Freedman (Ireland)
Deniz Gokengin (Turkey)
Claudia Heller-Vitouch (Austria)
Eija Hiltunen-Back (Finland)
Michel Janier (France)
Harald Moi (Norway)
Karoly Nagy (Hungary)
Electra Nikolaidou (Greece)
Anne Olsen (Norway)
Jorma Paavonen (Finland)
Valeska Padovese (Malta)
Raj Patel (UK)
Airi Poder (Estonia)
Mirja Puolakkainen (Finland)
Annamari Ranki (Finland)
Jackie Sherrard (UK)
Joergen Skov Jensen (Denmark)
Angelika Stary (Austria)
Marti Vall Mayans (Spain)
Willem I. van der Meijden (Netherlands)
Arne Wikström (Sweden)
Andy Winter (UK)